Development: custom Drupal solutions

Drupal represents one of the most professional
Open Source solutions. With a community
of over 1 million engineers, programmers and designers
Drupal offers an exceptional scalability for complex projects.

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What is Drupal

Launched in 2001, in time Drupal has become one of the most common and versatile platforms in the world. Drupal 8 is the largest Drupal update in history , facilitating content creation and distribution. At the same time, the new update brings “factory set” Mobile Friendly functionality.

Why Drupal for complex projects

Because, besides the many benefits mentioned here, Drupal can cope of any type of project with flying colors. Whether you need a website with multiple complex functions, whether you are looking for ecommerce solutions, Drupal is the choice that meets your requirements.

The platform is dedicated to the development of complex projects and compared to WordPress or Opencart offers an incredible scalability for development of functions. Also, Drupal is an extremely stable platform executing the most innovative features.

Drupal in numbers

  • 1.270.000 + websites developed on Drupal
  • 33,000 + modules & extensions available
  • 30,000 + developers in your community
  • 1,000,000 + computer programmers, designers, coordinators provide Drupal development
  • 1.000.000+ programatori, designeri, coordonatori asigura dezvoltarea Drupal

Why choose Drupal

  • Supports Multi Site “technologies”, “User” and “Multi Language”
  • A Platform the can be optimized (SEO)
  • Unlimited categories , subcategories, products, features
  • High Scalability and stability
  • High level of security

Why choose HolloSoft for a Drupal project?

  • We have a Department dedicated to Open Source platforms
  • We have programmers specialize in development of Drupal projects
  • You have at your fingertips the experience and expertise of dedicated and passionate engineers
  • We provide support and training after completion of the project
  • We have the necessary knowledge to develop various types of modules
  • We contractually guarantee the smooth functioning of the project