Development: custom Software solutions

You a business owner. You have a website that is your business image online It was designed using a custom solution or an Open Source one. In time , you realize the importance of automating processes and developing new functionalities.

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What does “Custom Software Solutions” mean

A dedicated Software solution is an application (website, CRM, ERP, plugin, extension) developed from scratch dedicated for your needs. Before developing such applications it is imperative that a Brief is created containing all the steps to be taken and the description of every functionality.

Applications that are Dedicated or “Custom ” made are the best choice in terms of scalability ( n.r. – the possibility of adding features, upgrading the application ) . We believe that when creating dedicated applications , there are only two limitations, the client’s budget and imagination to the project manager.

Why choose a dedicated software solution

Because there is no one solution that fits all.

Although there are (template) solutions already realized in the market, it is unlikely that they will absolutely satisfy all the requirements that a business may have. Every business has its needs in terms of software – some more than others – and using existing solutions only will not meet their needs.
Due to high cost, time and high possibility of producing errors, modification of pre-existing solutions is rarely an option ; on the other hand custom designed applications , in terms of software, may present solutions to any problems that a business may have

Try to turn your vision into reality, instead of trying to be part of someone else’s vision.

Compared to the earlier mentioned, “one solution fits all”, a dedicated application developed for you lets you transform your plan into reality and, over time, to develop it, without having any limitations. Using solutions that are not designed specifically for your needs, often cause problems of productivity, efficiency and creativity, which will eventually lead to other problems on the long run.
A custom developed application, allows and encourages you to think creatively and to develop your business , giving you the possibility to modify or adapt your ultimate goal.

The application will produce for you instead of you producing for the application

When you buy an existing application or a license to use an application, weather you want it or not you are actually investing in someone else’s business. When choosing custom application development, you are investing in your own business. You are giving your business an added value, you can even sell that application or charge a fee to others for its use , or why not offer it as SaaS (Software as a Service).

Other reasons to choose a dedicated software solution

  • You pay exactly for what you want and need (without unnecessary features that translate into costs)
  • Integration with other applications (will be able to integrate with any application)
  • If you are talking about a website: SEO Friendly platform; quickly and easily index
  • Support and maintenance (either provided by the developer or by an internal person)
  • Control and ownership (you are in total control since you own the application)