Whiteboard animations, Doodle Videos and special effects

Video animations (Doodle type) have unlimited benefits of promoting your business and brand in the online environment. Part of the human brain is captivated or hypnotized by a drawing hand, creating a constructive emotion.

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Tell the story in a different and attractive way

There’s no secret that ” science ” in sales presents the benefits and characteristics of your products and / or services. People buy from you because they understand HOW and HOW MUCH you can help them (with your products and / or your services) and because they get WHAT they want.

Users are captivated by the simplicity of Doodle animations

In a virtual world saturated by advertisements, tracking scrips and other complicated methods of monitoring and attracting of the visitor, video animations (Doodle Video, Whiteboard Video) attract through their simplicity and ” humanity ”

The hand will always be present and you will get the impression that someone is drawing for you while explaining. How can you not understand?

They are very exciting

The fact that you can watch as a story is created (while drawing) and while a voice explains the details, thus completing the entire architectural landscape. Simply, it’s very captivating.

Last but not least , a Video Whiteboard can distribute your message more quickly than other promotional channels . We all share funny and / or interesting videos on social networks. If your video animation is done correctly , it will be appreciated and shared by the community around you.

Why choose HolloSoft to draw your story?

  • You have at your fingertips the experience and expertise of a dedicated and passionate team
  • Because we love what we do and our final goal is your success
  • Because we are certified by Google for Video Advertising
  • We are all about quality over quantity
  • We understand your business and we promote it as if it was ours.