About Us

HolloSoft is a Romanian software company, established in March 2013, specialized in developing web applications with a medium to high degree of complexity.
Our team members are individually experienced ( 3 – 8 years ) in the field of web applications development with a proven solid track record along their careers. Consequently we are able to offer you a complete range of services that can be custom designed and adapted to your business needs.

Our values

  • We use the latest technology
  • We are flexible and we develop by innovating
  • We are responsible and professional
  • We promote ethics and integrity
  • We always set new standards of performance
  • We continuously invest in professional development

Our vision

  • As we have done so far, we will continue to offer software solutions that can be 100% adapted and customized to your business needs. We will use the latest and most stable technologies available in order to put into practice even the most daring projects and ideas that you may have.



HolloSoft Certifications


Zend Framework

Zend PHP

Magento Developer

Magento Front-End



Google Analytics

Analytics Individual

Bing Certified

Google Shopping

Google Video

ISO 9001:2008