Onine Marketing: PPC Campaigns

A well designed PPC campaign can generate profit faster than any other online promotional method and can help a campaign to develop. PCC is a very good promotional instrument when you want to reach your potential customers at the right moment, when they are willing to buy (to convert).

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Business analysis and target audience

First we will identify how potential customers are searching for your services or products , build a profile of the consumer , analyze the potential of remarketing and the websites that are relevant to your target audience.

We identify the key words used by various segments of potential customers who are searching for your services and / or products. We also identify the categories of interest and the sites of interest for each segment of your potential clients in order to display image ads for the purpose of increasing brand awareness.

Strategy planning and ads creation

We plan the commercials and create ads for each campaign to be promoted to the target audience who is interested in the services and products that you offer.

We prioritize the actions to be undertaken and carry out a plan for managing and optimizing the PPC campaigns , both in terms of target and in terms of cost.

One of the most important steps in achieving the set goals is the setting of performance indicators for each advertising campaign (PPC ) , indicators that will be monitored by us and that can help us in optimizing the desired performance.

Implementation of strategy, account settings

We create and set the corresponding Google account through which we run PPC campaigns , we set the payment form (daily budget or total budget ) , mode of payment, users and access rights.

We set the PPC campaigns according to the set and agreed plan in the planning phase of the strategy and will draw up ads related to each group of key phrases that we are targeting.

We display the created ads to target groups who are interested in your services or products , where they could be found online in both the Google Display Network and the Google results page.

Continuous monitoring , results focused optimization

We continue to monitor the evolution of your PPC campaign and the performance indices initially declared and we adjust the campaign in real time if needed.

We monthly send a detailed report containing our work until then, the evolution of the performance indices and also a description of our coming activities.

Why choose a PPC campaign

Traffic from Pay per click campaigns can be superior in terms of quality and quantity compared to that obtained in SEO , but results depend on the implementation of the campaign . Although a PPC campaign delivers results fast , broadcasting your ads to a targeted audience and bringing relevant traffic to your website in a very short time , we recommend using PPC next to SEO services for better results in the long term.

How we are able to offer results ?

  • We create quality content designed to attract potential customers
  • We carefully choose partner sites that we use in broadcasting ads
  • We use the best applications for monitoring the performance indices
  • We understand your business and market it as if it was ours
  • We continuously invest in the professional development of the PPC department