SEO Optimization Services - visible results

SEO is the service that places your business (website) on top-ranking
position in the search engine results (Google, Yahoo, Bing),
which in turn attracts a lot of traffic, potential buyers and
eventually customers.

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Complete SEO Services - detailed work flow

Successful SEO campaigns require a complex process of analysis, repairing, preparing and implementing. We detailed all the steps that are included in a "by-the-book" SEO campaign that will provide you with visible results.

1. Identify and select keywords

We will create a potential customer`s profile and behaviour, identify and select the keywords.

Step 1:Get keyword ideas. Using multiple software tools we are able to extract keywords that are being used by potential customers to search for your products or services. We usually generate hundreds of great keyword ideas for you with the use of over a dozen keyword research methods.

Step 2:Pick keywords with most profit-generating potential. Looking at the keywords' KEI (Keyword Efficiency Index) we will choose the most profitable keywords.

The terms with a great KEI are frequently searched for and have pretty low competition. Simply put, these can bring you lots of visitors — while being comparatively easy to rank for.

2. Check your website's present rankings

We run a ranking check to see where your website currently stands and the visibility score for each keyword.

Step 1:Website current presence in search engines.Our specialists analyze current keyword rankings and choose your target search engines to see your website's current ranks for the selected keywords.

Step 2:Identify keywords you need to focus on and competition analysis. We will take a look at your current ranks — you may be ranking well for some terms already. Spot keywords your website doesn't rank high for, and we concentrate our SEO efforts on those. Also, we analyse your main competitors and find great keyword opportunities.

3. Full SEO and technical audit

we will run a site audit to reveal errors and warnings that are holding your rankings back, identify bad links and remove any blocking factors.

Step 1:On site SEO Audit.Our developers identify and fix errors that can constitute blocking factors like: URL and text formatting, 4XX errors (404, 403), create and configure robots.txt and .htaccess files, generate or manually create a correct XML sitemap, optimize images and set up accurate redirects (301, 302).

Step 2:Technical On Site audit. Big step here - we detect and repair programming errors, minify HTML, CSS and JavaScript files (for faster loading), improve source code and maximize website overall potential.

We fix errors and deal with warnings accordingly to make your website search engine friendly.

Step 3:Off Site SEO audit. We identify bad links that point to your site and remove them. Also we take a look at your overall online reputation.

You will receive a complete "before and after" audit and you will be able to see the improvements.

4. Content optimization and SEO strategy planning

Now that your website is technically improved, it`s time to make it more easy to read, to offer a good user experience

Step 1:Analyze and optimize your pages and content. We will run a quick analysis of your page to get your page’s current optimization rate, details on keyword usage and other SEO stats. Also paying attention to any factors with an Error or Warning status.

If needed, our content writers will take proper actions and improve the quality of your content without altering it's initial purpose.

Step 2:SEO strategy planning. Diversity is one of the way we like to plan our strategies; identify quality websites for content marketing, define SEO indicators both for your website and for your competitor's websites.

5. Eliminate harmful links

After examining your backlink profile it's time to get rid of the links that are dragging your rankings down

Step 1:Evaluate your backlink profile. We use different premium software tools and enter your website's URL to collect your backlinks.

Our team also issues a Penalty Risks report, to see if some of them may be doing your website more harm than good. Links with a penalty risk over 40% will be re-examined to decide which of the links need to be removed.

Step 2:Get rid of bad links. If possible, our team will reach out to webmasters of sites spammy links come from, asking them to take the links down. If there's a large number of harmful backlinks in your profile, or if outreach proves ineffective, our analysts can tell Google to ignore these links by disavowing them.

6. Build quality links, monitor and report

Expanding your link profile with relevant, high quality backlinks while keeping an eye on the impact of the SEO campaign.

Step 1:Quality link building, brand awareness, and visibility increase. Our team of content writers will create quality and relevant content that your potential customers will love; they will spread this content on websites with great authority and quality content.

Step 2:Monitor and report SEO campaign impact and evolution. Our team will monitor the evolution and send monthly activiry and performance reports, also sending next month's planning.

Why do you need an SEO specialist

At HolloSoft, an SEO project manager knows the Google best practice guidelines in detail, is up to date with the latest developments and trends in SEO and is capable of preparing and implementing a long-term strategy, designed to increase visibility in search engines.

How do we manage to deliver visible results in the first 3 months

  • Only white hat techniques, in accordance with Google Guidelines.
  • Quality content that is unique and relevant.
  • Carefully choose the partner sites that we work with.
  • Working on quality and not on quantity of distributed content.
  • Using the best of evolution monitoring applications available.
  • Manually implement on site and off site SEO , that is, without the use of scripts and applications.
  • Using software tools to identify problems, not to repair them.